As the demographics in the luxury housing market change, so do the preferences of the luxury home buyer

The term “wide open spaces” certainly has turned a corner in the luxury home market. With the Baby-boomer generation becoming empty nesters, their lifestyle emphasis is now focused on actually living outside instead of looking outside. Baby boomers no longer wish to call their home a castle and interior downsizing has become the trend. Outside is now the new inside featuring large covered loggia’s with enough seating space for 2 or 20, a fully equipped entertaining kitchen and a stone fireplace that just might look out over a beautiful mountain vista.

These savvy boomers have set their sights on luxury living with a distinct functionality. The downsizing of space, particularly in the master bedroom, where once a lavish suite designed to encompass an entire wing of the home is no longer at the top of the wish list. The master bedroom has transformed itself back to its actual purpose, a cozy reclusive place to sleep.

What used to be the traditional walk-in his and her closet has been converted to a visual display of beauty and function. A dressing suite furnished in some of the finest wood products available, arranged and organized for maximum capacity and storage options are often two stories tall. These super closets can be equipped with a morning bar for a convenient wakeup coffee and with built-in laundry stations, homeowners can do a load of laundry before stepping into the shower.

No matter how empty the nest, luxury home buyers still want their just rewards, after all, they’ve worked for it. Bigger may not be better anymore when designing the master suite but luxury and function are still crucial. Relocating the master suite from the rear of the home to an internal space that is private and secure allows family gathering areas to take its place. Homeowners now prefer to use this space for fun and friends, pools and gardens, lakes and vistas.

ABOUT JIM PHELPS – Steadily becoming one of the country’s top designers, Jim’s home designs grace our country’s landscape from the shores of the east coast to the mountain ranges of the west coast. Often sought out by developers and community planners, Jim’s innate ability to create the spectacular is in demand. You can learn more about Jim’s work at or by calling 704-237-5054.

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