Applebee’s on Hendersonville Rd. in South Asheville

We stop by this restaurant about once every 2 months, and were happy to see it open on New Years Day 2009. We got in, ordered our drinks, and looked over the menu. Once we got our drinks, I just happened to pick up the drink menu and read the descriptions when we realized that we were not served the drink we ordered. We called it to the waiters attention (Scott), and he came back saying that is was the wrong drink, buy he also charged $3 less than the price of the drink I had ordered. After that lame response, I knew something else was sure to happen. I told him not to worry about it. If you bring the customer the wrong drink or the bartender makes the wrong drink, you replace it with the right one at no charge. Service 101 guys. Applebee’s knows this.

A few minutes later, an employee was standing there so I told her I had a bad experience with my last drink order and it got wronged somewhere between the waiter and the bar, and can she make sure it is right? Of course it did not, so I will not be by this Asheville restaurant for the next 6 months. When the new drink came, it had a minimum of double the alcohol. Another person at the table said to “take it as an apology or compliment”, but I took it as another smack in that I could not drink it because of the harshness, and it was missing the little side shot again as the menu had said. Did not ask for another thing except the check, told a waiter to bring me $38 back (still gave a 10% tip), they brought me $30 back, I corrected them again, and they gave me my extra $8. The food was great, but service was less than 50%. Steak and Shrimp Parmesan and a Club Sandwich were on our order, and Margarita’s that never did come out right.

One thought on “Applebee’s on Hendersonville Rd. in South Asheville

  1. whoever wrote this dumba$$ comment above has absolutly no life and needs to get out more, You cheap a$$ biatch!! You paid twenty dollares for a two person did u exspect! It’s fukin applebees! jesus! and ppl actually read this!

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