An Italian Feast in Asheville North Carolina

Asheville Italian Restaurant

Italian food was not that easy to find years ago in Asheville. Everything from pizza to amazing cuisine, as the years passed, the options became more and more. Many of the folks that owned these restaurants were from out of town, some having the New York connection. I remember years ago, a place named Savoy was our absolute favorite for Seafood and Italian dishes. A few others came on the scene, all having just about the same level of quality and consistency as each other when it came to the food, staff and atmosphere.

Recently we stopped by the new Chiesa Italian Restaurant on Montford Avenue in Asheville. After this experience, our standard for Italian food was raised and we were taken to a whole new level. The food was so good! With their changing menu, we would eat there every week if we could. If you have not been there yet, they are housed in an old church that adds so much to the character, and located just 60 seconds from downtown, right down road from the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce, right before you get another delicious restaurant called Nine Mile. The Montford area is known for it’s historic value in our community, it is a great place to live; and Chiesa is a wonderful addition. Thank you for the delicious food and great experience.

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