An introduction…..

Iiiiiiiiiiiii, am Derek Thomas Hopkins, and Iiiiiiiiii am not a simple man. I have my own set of troubles, not unlike the rest of you gentle people. At the moment, I am experiencing feelings of hoplessness as I can not seem to decide how to go about finishing my college education. I am not a wealthy man. I’m considering purchasing a shotgun and robbing a bank (just kidding F.B.Iiiiiiiiii. 🙂

I have decided this very evening that i’m going to kindof abandon my social life and focus on school. If successful, I will become the only male in my family to successfully complete high school and acquire a college education. This would would NOT suck. In fact, it would be quite the opposite of suck. It would be rather fantastic really 🙂 Developments will be reported as they roll in 😀

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