An Incredible Evening at Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Asheville NC

Some say that a great steak is not hard to find in Asheville North Carolina. I know of a few places in the area that have a very nice offering. As of today, I beg to differ; my standards have been completely raised. I made reservations at Ruth’s Chris Steak House the other day.  They are located at 26 All Souls Crescent in the Biltmore Village area, just 1 minute from the entrance at Biltmore Estate.

I received a confirmation on my email that my reservation had been made, and a few days later, another reminder email was sent to me. The anticipation was definitely building! I arrived at Ruth Chris to be welcomed by the complimentary valet parking attendant named Jehd from Royal Parking; who handed us a ticket, told us to have a great evening, and jumped in our vehicle to park it as we entered the establishment.

As we approached the hostess stand, smiles and greetings from Allison awaited us. Melissa showed up 30 seconds later, took us down a dimmed hallway to the gorgeous dining room, and sat us next to the fireplace. She told us that Daniel would be our server and he would be over in a few moments.

Jacob came to the table right after we were seated and said “I am not your server” and delivered some bread and butter, and offered us San Pellegrino, Fiji or Tap Water. We chose the Fiji water. Daniel then arrived, introduced himself, and told us all about how a Ruth’s Chris steak is made and served. WOW! I wanted it IMMEDIATELY!!! But I paced myself.

Instead of ordering off of the menu, we decided to let the Chef take full control of the meal. It not only surprised us, but the savor was endless. It started with a slice of Tuna with a glass of 2010 Fritz Zimmer – Riesling white wine from Mosel, Germany.

Next up was the Crab Stuffed Mushroom with a glass of 2010 Lioco (On Tap) – Chardonnay white wine from Sonoma County, California

To follow was the Barbecue Shrimp & bbq butter with a glass of 2010 Pazo San Mauro – Albarino white wine from Rias Baixas in Spain.

After that came the Veal Ravioli with a glass of 2010 Thomas Henry – Pinot Noir red wine from Sonoma County California.

Then a small cup of Lobster Bisque was served to us, and it was so delicious!

Of course we had to try the Ruth’s Chris Filet Mignon Steak which was everything we had hoped for, and then some. With this dish came a glass of 2010 Charles Smith, Cabernet Sauvignon red wine from Columbia Valley Washington.

The dessert sampler with a Chocolate Martini topped of the evening. Flowerless Gluten Free Chocolate Sin Cake, Rasberry Sorbet, and Cheesecake. SO YUM!!!

Julia, the floor Manager, was walking around, checking on tables, interacting and laughing with the guests. She stopped by to check on us and cleared one of my empty wine glasses. I also watched her help cut a steak and serve it to a table nearby. Also.. Tony, one of the Managers, stopped by to say hello and figure out a custom drink for one in our party that could not have much sugar, nor alcohol. And it was delivered in perfection soon after. He was going around meeting people and helping out wherever he could. Soon after, Doug, the General Manager stopped by the table to say hello, introduce himself and see how our evening was going. AWESOME was my answer! The service here was as tremendous as the food. Very impressive quality and consistency all around.

We had an incredible time. They have an amazing wine selection which Gabe, the beverage Manager, explained how they hand picked every bottle on the menu, with features from family owned and operated wineries. They serve many wines by the glass that you cannot get anywhere else except by purchasing a full bottle. Every beer on tap is 100% Local! Also nice to see some other area folks there tonight including David Forbes from the Mountain Xpress and Rusty Pulliam from Pulliam Properties. Great entertainment included live music by Bill Gerhardt and Rockell Scott, who played the keyboard and sung beautiful vocals during our whole meal.

My overall review: I expected a lot from Ruth’s Chris in Asheville NC, and the experience well exceeded my expectations. I have been to 3 other restaurants in the area within the last few weeks where the bill ended up being the same, so I have no problem with the pricing here at all. Well worth it without a doubt. And the impression was made on me and my party, so we will definitely be back, much sooner than later. Thank you so much Ruth’s Chris!

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