An Asheville Graphic Design Story

I have never been much on the Graphic Design side. I usually passed minimal work to a freelance designer if I really needed to. I did not know the visual and creative value of what web designers had to offer, and how important it really was for a functional and beautiful presentation.

Then one day while I was tweeting away, I noticed a tweet from someone in Colorado who said that they were heading to Asheville. I struck a conversation with Amy from OX+CO and she responded. A few days later we were meeting downtown to talk about the area and possible business. After talking for a few, I began to realize the great importance of incredible web design and creativity.

OX+CO partnered with Spark Tech Talk and did a wonderful design for their Drupal based website. Since then, I have done several projects with them. All of their work is stellar and has turned many heads. They have just completed the home page design for AskAsheville (launching soon) and the rest of the site is just about ready to go. They are also in the process of redesigning the G Social Media website as well, should be ready in 2 weeks. Both of these projects are stunning. We are looking forward to showcasing their work and working with OX+CO for years to come. That quick connection on Twitter led to many bigger and better things for all of us. Thank you.

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