America’s Got Talent gives a call to Asheville North Carolina – Make Your Nomination

Asheville has some great acts. From Vaudeville, to Burlesque… the artists and entertainers seem to never end. And then the music scene is simply incredible. Asheville is awesome!

Just the other day, America’s Got Talent contacted G Social Media about a video that was done for AskAsheville of Salome Burlesque when they were at the Orange Peel for the Americana Burlesque and Sideshow Festival last year. Gary and Jeff Fobes had a table up front and had a great time. Click HERE to see the video, it is the last scene, the Star Trek act.

In the course of the conversation, they asked if we knew of any other talent in the area that they could possibly check out. They said

use your judgement on who actually brings and begs a reaction or not. We aren’t all about what would be considered ‘talent’. That’s easy to identify and book. We love folks that are simply entertaining, fresh and unique.” 

We told them that we would ask our social network. So here we are asking you, our readers… do you know of any local talent that could compete on a nationwide scale? If so, please post comments below and let us know & ALSO contact us through the AskAsheville Contact form and let us know who you nominate.

Thank you

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One thought on “America’s Got Talent gives a call to Asheville North Carolina – Make Your Nomination

  1. I will be performing 5 songs @ Modaddy's (just north of the Orange Peel, next to Mamacita's) @ 11pm Tuesday Jan. 25 (2011). I will be sitting @ a piano accompanying myself, where I would prefer to be up, moving around, accompanied by other musicians; but it will give you a chance to sample my voice & songwriting. Hope to see you there!!

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