Advertise Your Business on Ask Asheville

AskAsheville will begin offering promotional advertising for area businesses as of July 2009. Ask Asheville will be adding banners, buttons and new links to the AskAVL website at the end of August. Be one of the 1st to advertise on Asheville's great resource website. We link to just about everything Asheville. Prices below are based on yearly contracts.

Here are some options:

1. Ask Asheville Premium Quicklinks ($10 mth, paid yearly $120) You choose the QuickLink word or name to display, up to 12-14 characters or so. These links will be in dark purple text with a white background at the top of the Quicklinks list. They will be in alphabetical order listed just as the common Asheville quick links are, but above them. You can access them by the QuickLinks link on the top right of every page on Ask Asheville, or by clicking the QuickLinks dropdown bar on any page.

2. Asheville Button ads on any in-site page, on the right side, except the home page (100×75 – $40 mth).

3. Asheville Banner ads on any in-site page, under the AskAsheville logo, except home page (460×50 – $65 mth). Includes a link on our blog sidebar!

4. Every Page Links, 11 character max, right below the quicklinks bar where Gmail, Facebook, Wikipedia links currently are (Yellow Link – $50 mth). Only 50 of these EPL links will be available at this time!

5. Sponsor a keyword in the AskAsheville Search Engine for as low as $15 per month!

We invite you to come and be a part of AskAsheville. Team up with us to promote and advertise your Asheville WNC business locally and all around the world. We use social media platforms, networks and search engines to make sure people and clients find your business and connect with you.

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