A great way to make a big statement with little effort

or a huge statement with a little community coordination.
Is the City of Asheville on board with Earth Hour 2010? I would hope so but we’ll see whether or not a city wide participation is encouraged by our local government.
Earth hours is a worldwide community participation event that helps raise awareness to environmental issues, particularly climate change. Participation it is voluntary. Will you participate? I hope so. On March 27th at 8:30 pm, turn off all your lights and send a message of support for  global warming initiatives to our governments.  Last year 4100 cities worldwide participated, including more than 80 million Americans in over 300 US city’s turned out their lights.
Make it a memorable event and do something special with family or friends; by candle light of course. Let’s do this Asheville. How cool would it be to have a video camera on Town Mountain recording the event in Asheville. Lights out Asheville; Anybody game?

I would apreciate hearing from any folks that plan on participating.
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