8 Downtown Asheville Stops You Must See

There are a lot of things to do in Downtown Asheville. From one street to another, you are surrounded by new scenes, architecture, places to eat, breweries, shopping, and some great photography opportunities.

Flat Iron Building & Wall Street Asheville

The Flat Iron Building in Downtown Asheville is a gorgeous piece of architecture, and surrounded by plenty of shopping and restaurants including Chai Pani and World Cafe up on the right side of the building; plus Early Girl Eatery, Market Place Restaurant, Cucina 24, Laughing Seed Cafe, and MG Road to the left down Wall Street.

Basilica of St. Lawrence

The Basilica of St. Lawrence is a beautiful cathedral in Downtown Asheville. The US Cellular Center is to the right, which hosts many grand events throughout the year.

Asheville City Building

The Asheville City Building was designed by Architect Douglas D. Ellington, who also designed the S & W Cafeteria, Asheville High School, and First Baptist Church.

Pritchard Park Downtown Asheville

Pritchard Park is best known for the Drum Circle it hosts every Friday night from Spring through Fall. Plenty to do all around here including eating at Tupelo Honey Cafe, Jerusalem Garden Cafe, Mayfel’s, Red Ginger Dimsum, Kathmandu Cafe, and Jack of the Wood.

Pack Square Asheville NC

Pack Square in Downtown Asheville is the center of the Universe. During warmer months, you will many times see local protests happening in this spot. You can see Asheville’s first skyscraper, the Jackson Building, to the right; along with the French Broad Chocolate Lounge colored in light blue. If you were standing in this spot, all you would have to do is turn around to experience some fantastic restaurants including Posana, Noodle Shop, Salsa’s, Bomba, Rhubarb, and Curate. If you turn to your right here and walk down the street, you will see Limones to the left on Eagle Street; plus Barley’s Taproom & Pizzeria, Chestnut, The Blackbird, and Doc Chey’s straight down Biltmore. You can also find the Double Decker Coffee Bus across from Barley’s.

S & W Cafeteria Building Asheville

The S & W Cafeteria Building is an architectural delight. A fine building used as an event venue right across the street from the Drum Circle in Downtown Asheville.

Asheville's Flat Iron

When you hit Wall Street in Downtown Asheville, don’t forget to stop by the Flat Iron itself. You will many times catch a busker or two here performing, as well as lots of other street entertainment. Some call it Asheville’s free circus. It’s good to have a few bucks on hand to tip all of these great performers.

Grove Arcade Downtown Asheville

The Grove Arcade in Downtown Asheville was built by E.W. Grove, the same man who built the Grove Park Inn. He wanted to liven up the downtown area, and it happened, until the Federal Government took it over during World War II. Asheville took it back over about 20 years ago, and it is now home to the famed Battery Park Book Exchange & Wine Bar as well as restaurants like Modesto, Carmel’s, Chorizo; plus a tasty bakery called True Confections. They also have an outdoor market with lots of vendors when the weather permits.

Luckily, Downtown Asheville has so much to offer. Get out there and experience it!

Special thanks to Ashley Susan Photography for these photos!

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