8 Asian Restaurants In Asheville That You Need To Try

We eat a lot of biscuits & gravy down south, and we love every minute of it. And when we want to try something different than southern comfort food, we have no problem finding it. Asheville has become a melting pot for many ethnic groups and cultures, and along with their arrival comes their food. Now our team consists of some locals, some from other states, and others International; so different foods are nothing new to us. They may be to you, so we would like to invite you to try these wonderful restaurants listed below and experience this deliciousness for yourself.

Red Ginger Asheville Asian Restaurant
  1. Red Ginger Dim Sum – the first time I had tasted Chinese food this authentic was in southeast China. Then we had experienced similar food in Charlotte NC while traveling. Now we have everything we can ask for and more right here in Asheville North Carolina.Wild Ginger Asheville Asian Restaurant
  2. Wild Ginger Noodle – whether you are looking for Pho, Vietnamese cuisine, or other Asian dishes, this restaurant will not disappoint. Prepare to wait on busy nights, but it is worth it.
  3. Doc Chey’s Noodle House – delicious Asian food in downtown Asheville. They have 4 locations, and I’m pretty sure that each of them are as good as the one here. We used to eat here regularly when the wait was not that long.Korean House Asheville Asian Restaurant
  4. Korean House – when you go here, ask for a table with a grill and order some food to grill yourself. Their meats are locally sourced and a meal here is definitely worth the experience.
  5. Heiwa Shokudo – known as the most authentic Japanese restaurant in Asheville, this place is a must-stop when eating out downtown. All of our food and experiences here have been wonderful.
  6. Little Bee Thai – if you like Thai food, you will love Little Bee. She started in a south Asheville gas station, then transitioned to a food truck, and now she has recently opened up a restaurant in Downtown Asheville.Stonebowl Korean Asheville Asian Restaurant
  7. Stonebowl Korean – this spot is known for their hot stone bowls filled with Asian food, along with all the appetizers that go along with a Korean meal. No website, but definitely a place that you need to try.
  8. The Noodle Shop – last but not least, and another without a website, is this great noodle shop in the center of downtown Asheville. Think of it as high end take-out mixed with cuisine. You must go there yourself and try their simple yet delicious plates!

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