24hr Coffee in Asheville North Carolina

Plenty of business at this coffee shop on Merrimon Avenue. It stays packed inside and out, especially on Thanksgiving, when most places are closed. This place is right next to New York Fashions on East Chestnut and Merrimon Ave in North Asheville. From their website… “Caffiend is the Carolina’s first and only 24 hour coffee and espresso bar. We started just this year and have already gained a reputation as a destination coffee house in the Southeast. Caffiend features amazing coffee from not one, but four roasters as well as a variety of local gourmet baked goods. Many things set us apart from the competition; whether it’s the widest variety of drinks available in our region, the over one hundred varieties of gourmet teas, the lowest prices in our region, or the comfortable seating there’s something for everyone at Caffiend. Caffiend also offers amenities you come to expect from any great coffee house such as free wireless internet as well as an in-house computer with available printing (for a small fee). So we invite you to visit a true phenomenon in coffee, Caffiend… and don’t forget SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK!” www.CaffiendAsheville.com

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