23 Funky Finds at Asheville’s Sweeten Creek Antiques

asheville sweeten creek antiques The Asheville Antique world is growing by leaps and bounds. Along with beer city USA and foodie city USA; antique city USA is definitely sneaking up on us. Of course there is the Antique Tobacco Barn, a new spot name Reliks and many others; but Sweeten Creek Antiques is one of our personal favorites. Even their website is antique lol, but it has directions if you wish to get there. We stopped by there the other day and got to experience the whole store. Well kind of. We did not have enough time at each booth, but we got to browse them at least. Here are 23 “Funky” and maybe even “Not So Funky To You” Finds at Asheville’s Sweeten Creek Antiques: asheville statue of liberty The original Statue of Liberty! This was actually the smaller version, the one France originally sent us; but the USA was insulted and told them to shove it! So it ended up here. Now she is looking for a home. asheville trolls I know, I know, trolls are everywhere around Asheville. But these guys are cute! asheville playboy Oh yeah, I just love vintage pornography lol. Now we know the filth grandpa used to read. asheville wheelchair A vintage wooden and wicker wheelchair. This is all Asheville will be using in the future. Homemade, handmade wheelchairs made from organic wood. asheville hom art Asheville stoner quotes made into art! asheville bee happy The Bee Happy booth… reclaimed, recycled and repurposed furniture and home decor. This spot is a store in itself! asheville players A sign calling for Players! There is no shortage of these type in Asheville. Especially the women hahaha 😉 asheville head hunter This dude is either a victorious gladiator, or a headhunter from the mountains of Western North Carolina. Yeah, we have them too. Celebrate diversity! asheville antique furniture

Some stolen furniture from the Biltmore Estate. I will ship it to my condo in London.

king louis xiv asheville Got to hang with King Louis XIV during intermission. And yes, those are dreads he is wearing. asheville home decor A cute and colorful corner that just brightened my whole day 😉 asheville baby carriage A wicker baby carriage. If you are ultra local grown, you will have one of these, handmade in Asheville, instead of one of those commercialized ones you buy at Wal-Mart or Babies R Us. Surely some hippie put this thing together. Don’t trust it! asheville wigs These four chicks kept staring at me. Then I noticed they all had wigs on. asheville man cave Ahhh, the man cave. Every man needs one, or to be a member of one. asheville mannequins Headless tie dye and painted mannequins. Say goodbye to blowup dolls! These 3 ladies are the organizers for both the GoToplesss, and GoBottomless campaign in Asheville. asheville pirate ship A handmade pirate ship! Just what I need floating around in my jacuzzi. asheville bison head Painted bison heads. Now I know what I am going to be for Halloween. You can also use these for satanic rituals so no animals are harmed in the process. asheville fedora hats A couple of Fedora hats! Great. Now I could look like “That Hipster” anywhere I go. asheville suitcase A chest (slash) suitcase (slash) dresser (slash) closet. We were so much more creative back in the days. asheville bar stools Lime green bar stools, just in case Austin Powers stops by. Or better yet, Foxy Cleopatra! Yeah baby!!! asheville nativity scene A vintage nativity scene. I guess there was no room for them at the Inn either, so now they live here; just waiting in anticipation for another virgin to get pregnant. asheville merry go round A merry-go-round with a pole. Just what I wanted for my bedroom. My ladies portable stripper pole has got to go. We gonna ride the white pony! asheville_stuffed_animals And… in the kids PG section, they have lots of toys including this stuffed animal that says “I Love You!” This whole building is awesome. If you are in the Asheville area and looking for lots of wonderful merchandise; this is the place to be!

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