14 License Plates You Might See Around Asheville

Some of the personalized license plates that I have seen around the Asheville area make me take a second to think about the story behind them. Here are a few that you too might have seen around town:

Asheville Sugar Bear License Plate

The Sugar Bear License Plate. I was looking for more of a Sugar Daddy, but I will have to settle for this!

asheville flasher license plate

The Flash’r License Plate. I hope they are talking about the car!

asheville grandparent to 5 license plate

The Grandparent to 5 License Plate. Hopefully the kids don’t have any more kids or we will have to change the plate!

hendersonville oh my license plate

The “Oh My” License Plate. Oh my, this photo was taken in Hendersonville NC!

asheville corvette at 50 license plate

The Vett at 50 License Plate. Finally, after 50 years, I own a Corvette!

asheville la fit license plate

The La Fit License Plate. Makes me think of fitness. Plus there were 20 sweaty women working out nearby. I sped off quickly!

asheville great dane license plate

The Great Dane License Plate. Yeah, Asheville is full of pet lovers!

asheville flip it license plate

The Flipp It License Plate. I thought of “Flip This House” for a moment. Or they might have flipped their previous vehicle in an accident and picked this plate as a survival memory. But deep down I think it is their PG way of saying F**K it!

asheville not too mellow license plate

The Not Too Mellow License Plate. Oh, this must be a Mellow Yellow joke. Or maybe the “Fellow” behind the wheel is OCD!

asheville cabin license plate

The Cabin License Plate. Most likely a business owner who sells or rents cabins. Guess how many cabins they rented by having this plate? Probably none! But cute anyway.

asheville live to fly license plate

The Live To Fly License Plate. Either someone is a Pilot, or a wannabee pilot; but this car was flying up Biltmore Avenue to say the least!

asheville housefly license plate

The House Fly License Plate. Might as well be a cockroach as far as I am concerned!

asheville stay true license plate

The Stay True License Plate. They used a dollar symbol ($) as the “S” so I can only assume drug dealer!

asheville mountain living license plate

The Mountain Living License Plate. Someone so excited that they are finally living in the mountains of Asheville North Carolina!

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