12 Stop Stroll Through Biltmore Park in South Asheville

Biltmore Park in South Asheville has proven to be a great spot for the whole family. Whether we are grabbing a bite to eat, having a business meeting, going to workout, or watching a movie; this spot has something for everyone.


REI has plenty of stylish outdoor gear. The perfect spot to shop up, and then go hiking on the Blue Ridge Parkway!

reuter family ymca asheville

The Reuter Family YMCA is the health, fitness and workout spot in south Asheville. They also hold several community events at this location.

op taylors asheville toy store

Taking the kids to O.P. Taylors is one of their highlights. These folks go above and beyond with the quality and selection of toys. My daughter bought a pair of designer swimming goggles that she does not want to take off. Just about every kid at the pool compliments her. I also got to teach her about the difference in a quality investment when comparing a $2 pair of goggles to a $20 pair; and how we need to take care of the things we have.

city mac asheville

City Mac is the Apple headquarters around this neck of the woods. I was walking around and was approached by an Asian guy and he was saying “apple, apple” and I said “excuse me?” He then pulled out his iPhone and I said “oh, City  Mac, right there on the right.” He smiled and headed that way.

coqui asheville biltmore park

Stopped by this beautiful store named The Coqui, which in definition is a frog from Puerto Rico. My daughter forced me to stop in here, and I was glad she did. Their selection of decor and items are worth seeing.

charming charlie asheville nc

Charming Charlie is a must stop for the ladies. From clothing, to jewelry, to trinkets; a huge selection at great prices await you.

brixx pizza hickory tavern

Brixx Pizza and Hickory Tavern are two places we enjoy going to. If you are a beer lover, these two spots have so many taps. Plus great food!

regal biltmore grande asheville

The Regal Biltmore Grande movie theater in south Asheville is a great place to watch flicks!

hilton asheville hotel

Of course the Hilton Asheville is one of the top hotels in the area, and they have delicious cuisine at their ground level restaurant called Roux.

bt's burgerjoint

I did not plan on liking BT’s Burgerjoint at first, but too bad, I love it now. Talk about one of the best burgers in Asheville NC, this place got the goods. Add the awesome manager always on deck, and the great staff; and this place is a sure hit!

woof gang bakery asheville biltmore park

Even though I do not have a dog, my daughter dragged me into Woof Gang Bakery. Wow, this place is like a dog heaven! The treats looked better than some bakeries I have been in. But dare not taste them, this spot is for the dogs, literally.

barnes and noble asheville

Barnes and Noble is a great bookstore in south Asheville, and they have Wifi, meeting space, a lounge atmosphere, and Starbucks. Win!

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