12 Helpful Tips To Clean Your Asheville Home

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Cleaning house is a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it. Asheville maid services are available by the droves. Some are better than others. Just because you have nothing better to do, and you think you know how to clean; that does not make you a professional home cleaning company. Cleaning a house correctly takes education, management, discipline, and a strong desire to do it right. We put this list together so you can clean your Asheville home all by yourself, that is… if you really want to.

1. Try to find a “Green” Cleaning solution to use. Many supplies are toxic and harmful. When you think about it, you have “poison” all around your house. Today we have plenty of options, especially in Asheville, that will not put your children, pets or yourself in danger.

2. Allow some open air in your home if possible while cleaning. Whether it is a window or door, it could naturally filtrate lots of dust and dirt.

3. Remove clutter. Before your start to clean, make sure things like magazines, groceries, clothes, and other miscellaneous items are put away. You want to be as comprehensive as possible to attain a better clean.

4. Cover any exposed dishes or utensils to prevent dirt and dust from settling on. You could be literally “eating dirt” if not.

5. Remove curtains at least once every 3 months and wash them. Lots of dirt, germs and bacteria can live in fabrics.

6. Think of that room of yours as 3 levels… ceiling, living and floor. Start at the top and work your way down. Dust settles. Clean the light fixtures, ceiling fans, curtain rods, window trim & the tops of high furniture, including higher cabinetry first. Also dust upper corners such as where your walls and ceilings meet.

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7. Move furniture. This is like playing “hide and go seek” sometimes. Behind that couch, entertainment center and bookshelf is a wealth of dirt and grime. Clean it up!

8. Dust and clean any paintings or picture framing, tables, chairs furniture, counters and cabinets next. Even with chairs, make sure you clean the most susceptible part of them which is the legs.

9. Your floor is most likely the dirtiest part of your home or business. Carpet is a dirt trap and needs deep cleaning regularly. Wood, tile, composite and linoleum flooring should be thoroughly mopped with a clean mop, and also replacing the water and cleaning solution approximately every 500 square feet cleaned, or as dirt overtakes the clean water you are mopping with.

10. Taking your shoes off before you enter your home, or as soon as you do, will keep your house and floor much cleaner. Make a practice out of it if you must, especially in these Asheville mountains with all of the dirt and gravel roads. Take a moment to think about all of the dirt, germs and bacteria your shoes attract. It is simply disgusting, especially on carpet, when it comes down to it. The same dirt that you trample over on the streets, you are bringing into your home every time you wear your shoes inside.

11. Never over-saturate your carpet, especially in a basement. Water can get stuck in areas, rot woodwork, create mold and mildew and smother dirt down even deeper. If you use any type of water or liquid, make sure you vacuum it up as quickly as possible.

12. Cleaning the exterior of your home brings it full circle. The outside should reflect what’s on the inside. Pressure washing, deck and porch maintenance, and window cleaning at least once every 3 months. Also keep an eye of your roof. Keep it clean and free from leaves, branches and other items that may jeopardize it’s longevity.

And if all else fails, or I don’t have time to clean, or I just don’t want to clean; I call my friends over at Pristine Clean of Asheville and they have me covered!

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