10 Reasons Obama Is Moving To Asheville

asheville obama president Asheville has a “draw” to it, and it’s not all southern. The attributes of the area define a place to live and actually enjoy life. You cannot do that just anywhere. Many get stuck either in a BIG city feel or a small town life. Both have their benefits, but something may be missing. Asheville is that piece for many. Yes, we have our issues, politics and things we need to work on as we grow; but even the President of the United States stopped by and decided this is one of the places he would like to live. Why? Glad you asked:

  1. 12 Bones – You cannot keep that man away from his BBQ! It has now become a “must stop” just about every time Obama and the crew are in town announced.
  2. Corner Kitchen – I was there the other day, saw the chair that President Obama sat in and wondered “would he ever sit in it again?” Now, most likely so.
  3. “Mayor of Asheville” sounds cool. Wouldn’t that be the perfect gig for an ex-President?
  4. Safety – Asheville is not a city on “lockdown” with high security like DC and NYC. You are pretty much safe in these mountains. After being surrounded by Secret Service all of these years, you want to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle. Get him a few bouncers and he will be fine.
  5. Asheville is a great place to retire. Hendersonville used to be the buzz, but now it is the whole WNC area. The new Chamber slogan will surely be.. “Even Ex-Presidents Retire Here”
  6. Quality of Life: this generates from a community that cares, and from people moving here with similar values. With the diversity of cultures, mixed in with area heritage; Asheville is becoming very well-rounded. And the great outdoors! Subaru + Kayak = WIN! Mix that in with the beautiful landscape and wow, you can take a deep breath; life is about complete.
  7. The Beer – Somebody said Obama may be opening up the “Yes You Can” Brewery in WNC. No confirmation on this as of yet.
  8. The Groove – I have seen Obama dance on Ellen. Those were Asheville Drum Circle moves! We are ready for you homie.
  9. The People – Geographically, Asheville would not be anything without the folks who inhabit it. From our Government up to the hippies, there is this general niceness, call it “southern hospitality,” that comes out naturally. Folks have even said that living in this area has made them nicer people. Iron sharpens iron I guess.
  10. The Beauty – When Obama spoke at the Grove Park Inn when he was first running for President of the United States years ago; he said that if there is a place more beautiful than Asheville, he has yet to see it. The beauty of the area made an immediate and lasting impression on Obama. And it has on many of us as well.

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