10 Cold Weather Tips For Your Asheville Home

asheville hvac heating air

As the Fall season moves into Asheville and Western North Carolina, there several things you should pay attention to when it comes to staying warm and safe. Mountain Air Mechanical put this list together for us:

    1. Check Smoke Detectors – make sure you change the batteries, and that they are in workable condition.
    2. Disconnect hose from bibs, and if possible, wrap it with insulation and insulated tape.
    3. Get your HVAC (heating & air) system maintained and tuned-up. There are several areas to cover with this:
      1. check gas pressure
      2. check for co2 leaks
      3. check refrigerant levels
      4. change filters
    4. Eliminate Air Flow Into Your Home – sealing windows, doors, and basements.
    5. Adding humidity to your home so you can protect it from hardwood floor shrinking, health risks, allergies, and static electricity.
    6. Have salt and other protective items to keep you steps and driveways from freezing over.
    7. If you have ceiling fans, they are great to push heat back down away from the ceiling and to living level.
    8. Make sure the outdoor HVAC is clean, free of leaves, branches and dirt; so it functions properly and does not get damaged.
    9. Make sure you actually have Oil or Propane in your heating system before making a service call. Many times people call when all they needed was a refill.
    10. Get your heating system is great working order before the Winter rush hits. Preventive maintenance is always better than emergency maintenance. Do not wait until everyone is calling for help.

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