10 Asheville Hashtags you may want to use

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Asheville Hashtags have been around for awhile. As their potential is more understood, they become more useful for a community. When you have a message you want to get across to the proper audience and channels; hashtags can come into play and help make it happen. Think about it. You can be talking to a group of people from around the world simply by using a hashtag of common interest. You can be in a conference, or you can be at home; and you can follow so much documented activity at the event, and even jump into the conversation. What is a hashtag? It is simply adding the # (pound sign) before any word, without any spaces in-between the characters, and it turns that word into a link that links to others using the same word. So we can be at a conference, never meet each other, and all use a hashtag like #avltech13 to bring all of the focused comments together. Then you can see what others are saying about the conference without having to go to each of the individual profiles of the users. This is also great for folks that cannot attend a conference as they can watch the hashtag and sometimes feel as if they were there. 


Now some people go overboard, and they #hashtag #every #word #and #make #their #whole #post #overwhelming #and #unimportant. Target your hashtags. If you are hiking with friends and take a photo of the Asheville area mountains, your post would could say something like.. #Hiking with friends in the #mountains of #Asheville. Now if you and/or your friends are in the photo, you could also hashtag #friends. All of those would apply. But do not take a photo of your dinner, and then also hashtag #beer just because they serve beer at that restaurant. There should be Beer or something heavily relating to beer in the photo or post if you are going to use the hashtag.

AskAsheville Asheville Beer #avlbeer hashtag

#Asheville #Hashtags on AskAsheville

We have set us several hashtag feeds on the new AskAsheville website. This means that you can add the “tag” or “hashtag” below and your Twitter tweet or Instagram photo will show up on our website. Here are some #hashtags that you should pay attention to:

1. The #avleat hashtag – This is the code that applies to food in Asheville NC. Of course, we like to feature good and great food in the community, so this is not a hashtag that you should use with fast food. 

2. The #avlbeer hashtag – This is the brew code of Asheville NC! If your tweets, photos and posts have to do with brew in AVL, then hashtag it with #avlbeer. 

3. The #avlnews hashtag – If you are looking for red hot, on the moment news; the #avlnews hashtag is what you should follow. Please use this hashtag with discretion. Dancing the night away in downtown Asheville is not something you should use this hashtag for. As important as you think your event is, it is many times not news.

4. The #avlhotel hashtag – Here is where you can tag anything that has to do with hotels, lodging and places to stay in the area. Have a question, answer, praise, complaint? Use this hashtag.

5. The #avlwine hashtag – The Asheville Wine community hashtag for years. Use it for posts pertaining to wine, wine dinners, wine bars, wine stores and wine related events.

6. The #avldo hashtag – Have something you are doing, did, are going to, or want to do? Use this hashtag to show us and give us suggestions. For example, if you are going hiking and want to suggest it to us, just add it and your tweet or photo will show up on our “Things To Do” page.

7. The #avlmusic hashtag – The music scene in Asheville is more than enough for their own hashtag. Then all of the great acts coming into town. Use this hashtag for any music related performances and events in the area. This includes DJ’s, Karaoke, Bands, Concerts, Festivals and more.

8. The #avlent hashtag – Asheville has so much entertainment to offer. Take advantage of the big shows that come into town, and also the small theaters that have wonderful productions regularly. Use this hashtag to share your events with us.

9. The #avldrink hashtag – Drinking a cocktail? Have a cocktails special that we should know about? Use this hashtag to show up on the AskAsheville Drink Me page.

10. The #avlbiz hashtag – Taking business in Asheville? Use this hashtag to share your biz advancements and offers with us!

Use these hashtags and many more on both Twitter and Instagram for your posts to show up on the new AskAsheville Website on specific, targeted pages. Also check to see what hashtags others are using that have to do with your interests. Simply go to the Search on Twitter, and type in any word with a “#” before it. Try #mountains #hungry #funny #asheville #hippies or whatever you want.

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