2016 Guide To Fall Leaf Season In Asheville North Carolina

Leaf Season in Asheville North Carolina during the Fall Season

It’s that time of the year again, Fall 2016 Leaf Season in Asheville North Carolina. This is the time of the year when the local can sit back, take a deep breath, and reflect on the year while surrounded by colorful beauty. Then many visitors from out of town arrive to gaze upon and digest the majesty of the Western North Carolina mountains. Now there are several places across the USA where you can experience Leaf Season, but the Asheville area is a favorite for many due to all of the plentiful amenities that come along with it. Here is a little guide post to get you around town:

Where To See The Leaves

  1. The Blue Ridge Parkway
  2. NC Aboretum
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  5. See 25 Best Places To See Fall Foliage In The Blue Ridge Mountains
  6. See Fall Color Forecast 2016 – Long Leaf Season Ahead

Where To Eat

  1. Select Dining – CurateLimonesChiesa, The Admiral, Fig Bistro, Posana
  2. Barbecue – Luella’s, Buxton Hall, 12 Bones
  3. Dessert – The Hop Ice Cream, French Broad Chocolate Lounge, Vortex Doughnuts
  4. Asheville Restaurants on AskAsheville
  5. Asheville Restaurants on AIR
  6. Asheville Restaurants on ExploreAsheville

Where To Drink Beer

  1. Barley’s Taproom
  2. Bhramari Brewhouse
  3. Wicked Weed
  4. Appalachian Vintner
  5. Asheville Breweries on AskAsheville
  6. Asheville Breweries on ExploreAsheville

Where To Drink Wine

  1. Battery Park Book Exchange
  2. Vaso De Vino (they have a secret open loft area)
  3. 5 Walnut (& dance here too!)

What Else To Do

  1. Check out Hendersonville North Carolina
  2. Visit the Waterfalls in Brevard North Carolina & go on a Food Tour too!

Have lots of fun, and tag AskAsheville on Facebook with photos and posts about your adventures!

10 Wonderful Wine Stops in Asheville North Carolina



Asheville wine comes from many vineyards throughout North Carolina, and from around the world. Now there are dozens of people around town that claim to be specialists when it comes to wine, and it could be a touchy subject sometimes. Some of our locals flew to Napa Valley, got their “wine expert license” in a couple of days, came back to AVL, and now they tell us which wine to drink. Hahaha, cheers! I remember cruising around in a limo with a few of them. One of the ladies was all about finding some 1997 White Wine from California. She said that was a great grape year! Personally, Vouvray is my favorite wine. Many restaurants and wine bars in the community do extensive research when it comes to choosing which vineyards to represent. Some only work with smaller family owned farms, with low output and high quality. I have to say, Biltmore Village dominates this list, as more and more wine is gravitating there. Here are several places that we definitely recommend if you are coming to the Asheville area looking for wine. We started with 10 Asheville Wine Stops, but as you can see we have added more below:

  1. 5 Walnut Wine Bar – this is the wine bar nightlife hot spot in downtown Asheville. A little hole in the wall spot, with a great wine selection, music, and dancing that sometimes runs out into the streets.
  2. Table Wine – a great little wine store in south Asheville, on Hendersonville Rd. Josh has wine tastings and other events here regularly.
  3. Sante Wine Bar – located in the Grove Arcade, this spot is the perfect spot to wine down and experience Asheville.
  4. Ruth’s Chris – the wine offerings here are chosen by their local management, and feature several small farm selections. They also carry several wines that you cannot find anywhere else around town.
  5. NC Wine Gifts – this is actually Asheville’s Best Kept Wine Secret! They only sell wines from vineyards in North Carolina, and have a Wine Club that ships select bottles to your door several times a year.
  6. Biltmore Estate – this place speaks for itself. Visiting the winery and tasting each of their wine offerings is an experience in itself. Somehow, our crew got stuck there for hours one time.
  7. Fig Bistro – one of our favorite restaurants in the community, with a fine wine selection, and located in Biltmore Village.
  8. Appalachian Vintner – wine on tap, or by the bottle, the choice is yours. They also have lots of beer too. A must stop only 1 minute from the Biltmore Estate entrance.
  9. Table Restaurant – incredible food and ambiance create this perfect setting for a fine time plus wine in downtown Asheville.
  10. Battery Park Book Exchange – located in the Grover Arcade, this spot is the wine lounge you’ve always dreamed about. So many books, and little nooks & crannies, it’s so easy to get happily lost in this place.
  11. Maggie B’s Wine – and if you venture a little north of Asheville, to Weaverville; stop by and visit this little cute wine shop that also offers meats and cheeses in their deli cooler.
  12. Rezaz Restaurant – wining and dining is a win win situation here always. Another great restaurant in Biltmore Village!

NC Wineries – Time to Visit


Fall at Burntshirt vineyards

NC Wineries are the perfect place to visit this fall. Looking for a destination for your fantastic fall foliage drive this year? There are 25 wineries all within 1 ½ hours of Asheville. Imagine exploring the vineyards of WNC, enjoying wine tastings at beautiful wineries or picnicking amid the streams and mountains surrounding the vineyards. Surprised that we have so many wineries here? You can check out the smallest, complete, free standing winery in America at Calaboose Cellars in Cherokee County or visit a winery with vineyards situated on both sides of the Eastern Continental Divide at some of highest elevations on the East Coast at Burntshirt Winery in Hendersonville. Every winery has a story!


Awards for Lake James Winery

NC Wineries and their wines are creating quite a stir in the wine world. We are one of the fastest growing wine regions in the country and our wines are winning international, regional and state-wide medals for excellence. Whether you prefer the fine dry reds and whites, the delicious semi-sweets or the down-home taste of our native Muscadine wine you will find them all within a short drive of Asheville. Forget Napa and Sonoma and check out NC Wine Country. You’ll find everything you need to plan your trip at WNC Wine Trails.


Visit the WNC Wine Trails

NC Wineries are growing every month! We are now up to more than 150 wineries state wide. Surprised?! Even more surprising is that prior to prohibition North Carolina was the largest wine producing state in the country! Of course, at that time it was primarily our native Muscadine wine – yes that sweet wine that everyone says their grandmothers used to make for them. The Muscadine wines have matured over the years. Read more about the history of NC Wine and the Muscadine grapes at North Carolina Wine Gifts. Go out and discover NC Wine Country this Fall!

Vino Vino Wine Market Closed, Asheville Heads Elsewhere

vino vino wine market asheville

Big Wine News in the area as Vino Vino Wine Market in Woodfin closes their doors, and their customers are now looking for a place to go. Vino Vino was pretty much known for their self-serve wine dispenser where you received a card, put some money on it, and helped yourself to about 20 wines featured on this circular kiosk. I remember having fun there, trying out wine, checking out their craft beer selection, and talking to Capachina who was one of the staff. I think I had a few bucks left on my card still, but oh well; I did not make it back in time and did not notice that they were closing. This does mean that they will have more time to focus on Stoney Knob Cafe, which one of our fave places to eat!

So now I have several choices. I could head to Maggie B’s in Weaverville, or maybe Wine Tunnel on Tunnel Rd; or the new spot everyone is raving about… Divine Wine & Beer in East Asheville. Anyway, we also have few great options on the AskAsheville Wine Page for you to choose from. Happy Wine Hunting!

Asheville Comedy on Friday Nights!

asheville comedy

Asheville is funny sometimes. Well, more like much of the time. Sometimes the funniness is even organized. There were several comedy events in the area, a few comedy festivals each year, and even a comedy club had opened in downtown Asheville at one time. Now we know of two events each week that you may want to experience if you are looking for a funny time. On Sunday nights, The Pulp, in the basement of the Orange Peel, has a show that is sure to make you laugh. And then on Friday nights, Metro Wines on Charlotte Street features a great comedy act with that “Asheville humor” that you will love. Add some of their wonderful wine selection and snacks to the mix, and pow; the perfect evening!