Asheville Food Truck Deliciousness!


There are so many amazing places to eat in Asheville North Carolina. Food trucks are definitely a part of this culinary experience in the mountains. On just about any day, you can find a food truck or two, sometimes 3, 4, 5 of them around town. And they are not only driving around selling their food to the public. Many of these trucks are now offering full catering services and other special event options.

This […]

Asheville Raw Food at Ambrozia


I didn’t plan on having a raw food dinner, but when I ended up at Ambrozia in north Asheville and ordered, that is exactly what I received. This spot is right before you pass Beaver Lake on Merrimon Ave, right in the same shopping center as the library. As we walked in, the atmosphere was perfect, followed by a helpful hostess who then attempted to find us a seat since they were pretty packed. And […]

Pepsitown… Lovetown… Love Asheville!

pepsitown lovetown love asheville

After the Pepsi billboard in Asheville was vandalized, they had to strike back. They saw this as a marketing opportunity and made the folks grin for a minute when the new billboard went up. It simply says Love Asheville, which most of us cannot argue with. Believe me, Ashevillians will put up a fight when it comes to soda pop. RC is the hipster cola of choice here in these mountains, and locally made soda […]

A Delicious Dinner in West Asheville NC

barleycorn asheville restaurant

West Asheville has a lot of great places to eat. We recently stopped by the Barleycorn on Haywood Rd, in the little shopping plaza next to Ingles, and had a great meal aligned with perfect service. Here is a photo of my kabob which was chicken and chimichurri, along with delicious side items, and also a fish & chips plate. And when you get done at the Barleycorn, you can walk right around the corner and […]

Asheville’s Got Some Big Balls!


Yes, you heard it right, Asheville’s got some big balls, meatballs to be exact. I stopped by Dough in north Asheville the other day, and written on the wall as a special was a meatball sub. My mind immediately started asking questions… “how tasty are these balls?”, “do they taste like my grandmother’s balls?”, and of course “how big are their balls?” I ordered the sub and when I saw it, all of my concerns […]