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A Brewery Dream In Progress

nathan woods naked yeti brewing asheville

We spoke with Nathan Woods, who is the Head Brewer at Naked Yeti Brewing, an Asheville brewery dream in the making. Here is what he said: “We are hoping to become an established craft brewery in the next couple years. Our goal aside from making great beer is to join beer, friends, and adventure together. We are still working on a business plan and trying to nail down the perfect recipes. It may be a couple years before we are operational. We started brewing a little over a year ago and have taken off from there. Spending most of our time and money…

Twisted Laurel Celebrations

twisted laurel asheville nc

When you see something new opening in Asheville, there is always a story behind it. This one is great. Angelo, one of the owners of the Twisted Laurel used to be a co-owner of Bellagio Bistro, which by the way, used to be one of the Apollo Flame Bistro restaurants. Lots of transition and dreams along the way. So this place did not just happen. It was a foodie evolution and planning for years to get to this point. The Twisted Laurel recently opened up in downtown Asheville, and AskAsheville got an invitation to attend. The atmosphere and presentation was…

Asheville Area Schools Declare War on Streetchat Social Media App

asheville streetchat app

So, the word on the street is that the Streetchat App has made its way into many Asheville area schools, and it is being banned by teachers and law enforcement. First of all, you have an Anonymous name, which increases the chance of posts which include cyberbullying and attacks on teacher, students and others. There is not any accountability, and technically there is not any easy way to hold anyone responsible. They have rules forbidding certain things being posted, but there is not any monitoring of the content as of yet. You are supposed to be 17 years old to…

Autumn Falls Across The Mountains


Here in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Fall means one thing: Leaf Season. The mountains around Asheville are awash in color right now, with the season already in full swing. There are still many weeks left for prime leaf-watching this year, so take this opportunity to get out and look at the Autumn display for yourself! Get out there! It can be tricky to plan a trip to catch the peak Fall color in any given location. Driving the Blue Ridge Parkway, or a similar scenic byway, is a better option and provides a great opportunity to view a lot of…

A Free Ride To Oskar Blues

oskar blues trolley

There is no denying it, by anyone, that Asheville is most definitely a beer town. Until I moved here, I really didn’t know that great beer existed. I drank beer, mostly for its effects, and mostly the kind of beer that is not socially accepted here in beer city (shhh, don’t tell). But luckily I have a new appreciation for craft beer. I have developed a palate for hops, and sometimes it is more of a challenge to find a beer that doesn’t have such a strong effect if you know what I mean. So I was completely on board…

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