Foodie Stop – Gan Shan Station in Asheville NC

Gan Shan Station Asheville NC

While working in the North Asheville area recently, we stopped by the Gan Shan Station on Charlotte Street and had a wonderful meal. After the experience, some of us rate this restaurant as some of the finest Asian food and fusion in the WNC area. On top of that, when it comes to the overall food, atmosphere, drinks, staff, and presentation; this place could easily hang with the best Asheville has to offer. The Gan Shan Station is also an FGFT Certified Restaurant, meaning that they use a superior and healthier cooking oil.

Asheville Mardi Gras 2015 – Meet The King & Queen!

Asheville Mardi Gras Second Line


The Asheville Mardi Gras Parade started at 1:00 with folks lining up on Wall Street in Downtown Asheville. Then at around 3:20, the parade kicked off and everyone was celebrating. G Social Media stopped by and took several GoPro videos of this event.

  1. Watch Asheville Second Line
  2. Watch Zabumba
  3. Watch The King & Queen

Seeing Downtown Asheville From The Cut

Downtown Asheville 2015

Hiking up to “The Cut” in Asheville is more of a secret tour, to a hidden spot, on top of a mountain that overlooks downtown Asheville. The view is breathtaking and just being there gives you the feeling of majesty. As far as it being a romantic destination, we have heard of everything from it being lover lane, folks getting engaged, and some even being impregnated at The Cut. A few of things you need to know about this spot… if you do find it, you want to be careful as there is not any fence guarding you from falling down onto I-240, so keep your distance from the edge. Next, they have anchors drilled into the rock to keep it from falling apart and down. This means that this is a possibility, and those anchors looks as old as grandpa, so be careful. Finally, no folks have “adopted” the…

Asheville Brunch at Rise N Shine Cafe

Asheville Brunch Rise N Shine Cafe

Whether it is breakfast, brunch or lunch; Rise N Shine Cafe in North Asheville has always been one of our favorite spots on this end of town. This eatery features only local and fresh ingredients, and have been a staple in the community for years. Located right next door to the Hop Ice Cream shop, these two must-stop foodie spots are worth the trip up Merrimon Ave, just a few minutes from downtown Asheville. The dish above was an omelet with cheddar and mozzarella cheese, bacon, sausage, onion, tomatoes, and mushrooms. Plus a fresh fruit dish for dessert. And do you see that jam next to the omelet? That is fresh homemade jam only available at Rise N Shine, and…

Asheville Food Truck – Tin Can Pizzeria

Asheville Food Truck - Tin Can Pizzeria

There are so many delicious food trucks all around Asheville North Carolina, and it seems that they will only be growing and expanding due to the high demand for craft food in the community. We bumped into the Tin Can Pizzeria at the Brew Pump in West Asheville, ordered a pizza pie to go, and it was so good! Thank you Tin Can!!